Forehead & Brow Lift

Does the outer portion of your eyebrow droop causing others to think that you are sad when you are not? Do others misunderstand you to be angry, tired, or concerned when you are not because your eyebrows droop? Are you developing furrows in your forehead from constantly making an effort to hold up your eyebrows? If the answer to any of these questions is yes then Dr. John McCann from the Center For Facial Appearances can help.

Key elements of the upper portion of the face are the eyebrows and forehead. The brows are central in conveying human emotion. Downward slanted eyebrows convey grumpiness, sadness or anger while droopy eyebrows convey an aged or tired look. Properly done surgery can result in your facial appearances becoming more consistent with your internal emotional state and this can result in others responding to your facial appearances in a more positive way. Endoscopic brow and forehead lifts are performed utilizing an innovative surgical device via a small incision hidden behind the hairline. The Endoscopic forehead lift is a face lift of the upper portion of the face that elevates and shapes the eyebrows while removing droopiness and wrinkles from the forehead. It is an excellent choice for men and women alike.

Dr. McCann also performs pretrichial brow lifts which are an excellent choice for women with a strong hairline who desire a shorter forehead with a strong reduction in mid-forehead wrinkles. The Internal brow lift is a common approach and is performed in conjunction with upper blepharoplasty. Internal brow lift is accomplished via the same incision used to rejuvenate the upper eyelids, and it is effective in raising the eyebrows and removing the furrows between the brows. It is an appropriate procedure for men and women with a small degree of droopiness of the brows. Dr. McCann is a very experienced expert having performed several thousand eyebrow and forehead lifts throughout his career. Each procedure must be customized to the patient’s problem and their desired post-operative appearance. It is one of his favorite procedures as it leads to a very high level of patient satisfaction. With Dr. McCann’s expertise in these techniques, you should discuss with him the method that will give you the best result.

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