Reverse ptosis-induced corneal steepening and decreased vision after LASIK surgery.


To report a patient with a past history of LASIK who had decreased vision and induced corneal steepening after lower eyelid ptosis. Surgical correction of lower eyelid ptosis decreased the corneal steepening and improved visual acuity.


Interventional case report.


A 37-year-old woman had a history of bilateral LASIK, childhood strabismus surgery, and multiple surgeries to release scarring and improve motility in her left eye. Last surgery to release scar tissue resulted in reverse ptosis (lower eyelid ptosis) and decreased visual acuity from induced corneal steepening. Correction of lower eyelid ptosis by reinsertion of the retractor complex resulted in decreasing corneal steepening, improved visual acuity, and good anatomic position of the lower eyelid.


Lower eyelid ptosis may induce corneal steepening and decreased vision after LASIK. Surgical correction of ptosis can decrease the extent of steepening and improve visual acuity.