The Center for Facial Appearances is home to one of the premier odd year ASOPRS fellowship training programs in the United States. Many of the top academic leaders in the world have been trained by Dr. John McCann, as can be seen by reviewing the list of alumni below.

This is a two year, ASOPRS approved fellowship program that begins in odd years. The application process is highly competitive and the fellowship itself is extremely rigorous. All ASOPRS fellowship applications are handled through the SF Match Ophthalmic Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Fellowship Match. Application requirements and the application process are detailed on the SF Match website.

Deadline for applications is January 1st of the even year prior to the odd year the fellowship begins.

Further Contact Information
Center for Facial Appearances
John D. McCann, MD, PhD
4400 South 700 East

Salt Lake City, Utah 84107

The alumni who have completed training with Dr. McCann are listed below.

International Fellows Trained in Oculoplastic Surgery

1997 – Dr. Juan Andres Delgado, Colombia
1998 – Dr. Andre Luis Borba da Silva, Brazil
1999 – Dr. Alvaro R. Alfonso, El Salvador
2000 – Dr. Luis Rivera, Puerto Rico
2001 – Dr. Miguel Gonzalez-Candial, Spain
2001 – Dr. Suat Hayri Ugurbas, Turkey
2002 – Dr. Chee-Chew Yip, Singapore
2003 – Dr. Guy Ben Simon, Israel
2004 – Dr. Angelo Tsirbas, Australia
2006 – Dr. Tristan McMullan, United Kingdom
2007 – Dr. Chun Cheng (Luis) Lin Yang, Costa Rica/Guatemala

American Fellows Trained in Oculoplastic Surgery

July 2004-July 2006 – Dr. John R. Burroughs
July 2006-July 2008 – Dr. M. Reza Vagefi
July 2008-July 2009 – Dr. Yian Jones
July 2008-July 2010 – Dr. Dan Georgescu
July 2009-July 2010 – Geeta Belsare
July 2010-July 2012 – Ilya Leyngold
July 2010-July 2012 – Zak Berbos
July 2012-July 2014 – Michael Worley
July 2012-July 2014 – Brett Pariseau
July 2014-July 2017 – Jon Pargament