Center for Tearing Problems

Do you ever feel like you are looking through a puddle of water? Do you have to frequently carry a tissue with you to wipe away excess tears? Do others sometimes think you are emotional because your eyes water so easily? Do you sometimes awake in the morning with crust on your eyelids or get frequent eye infections? If the answer to any of these questions is yes then Dr. John McCann at the Center For Abnormal tearing can help you and your medical insurance will likely cover you.

The most common problems referred to The Center for Abnormal Tearing at The Center for Facial Appearances are blockage of the external tear drain (punctal stenosis), blockage of the portion of the tear drain in the eyelid (canalicular stenosis) and blockage of the tear drain in the nose (nasolacrimal duct obstruction). Tearing is fairly common and when it improves with the use of artificial tears or only happens on rare occasions it requires no further treatment. However, blockage of the tear drainage system externally, in the eyelid, or in the nose can require treatment with medication, minor office based surgery, or surgery in the operating room.

Dr. John McCann is a regional and national expert in diagnosing and treating abnormalities of the tear drainage system. He has great experience in this area having helped thousands of patients resolve their problems with abnormal tearing. The Center for Facial Appearances proudly serves patients from Salt Lake City, Draper, Sandy, as well as South Jordan, Park City, and surrounding areas.


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