Center for Eyelid Problems

The most common problems referred to The Center for Eyelid Disease at The Center for Facial Appearances are droopy upper eyelids, droopy eyebrows, lower eyelid malposition, skin cancer, blepharospasm, and trauma. Each of these conditions can impact vision, as well as impact facial appearances and each is an area the center has tremendous expertise in caring for. You may learn more about each form of eyelid disease by clicking the link beneath the Center For Eyelid Disease.

Treatment of all patients is specialized, but the goals remain the same; restore side vision and appearances to the same or better than existed prior to developing eyelid disease. Many patients will choose to have cosmetic eyelid, eyebrow, or facial surgery done at the same time as the problem which impacts vision is addressed.

Doctor John McCann founded the Center For Eyelid Disease at the Center for Facial Appearances in order to offer better treatment for patients with disorders of the eyelids. He has cared for thousands of patients with these problems and has published many papers on the topic and has been invited to lecture at meetings to educate other physicians in the United States and around the world on his innovative surgical techniques to correct abnormalities of the eyelids. The Center for Facial Appearances proudly serves patients from Salt Lake City, Draper, Sandy, as well as South Jordan, Park City, and surrounding areas.



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