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Are you interested in setting up a maintenance plan to help improve and preserve facial appearances? Would you like to receive Cosmetic Surgery, Ultherapy no recovery skin tightening, Botox injections, filler injections, facials, and skin care services at a plastic surgeons office but at prices which are competitive with medical spas?

Club Youthful Me allows patients at the Center For Facial Appearances to develop a long-term plan for cosmetic treatments, a monthly budget for cosmetic treatments, and offers a discount on these services for club members.

All patients who want to look younger or stay looking young longer need a long-term plan to achieve and maintain youthful appearances. Dr. McCann can help you develop this plan. The plan may at first involve non-invasive treatments such as facials, peels, IPL, microdermabrasion, Botox or Filler treatments. As the aging process progresses the plan may evolve to include cosmetic eyelid, forehead, midface, and/or facelift surgery. The emphasis is on a long term relationship to help you maintain facial appearances as the years pass.

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Design Your Plan

Your monthly payments are placed in your private Club account and then all funds are available to use with the following discounts:

“My patients have taught me that they want services delivered by an aesthetically oriented surgeon with a professional medical staff yet in a relaxed, soothing, and healing environment. I founded Club Youthful Me to make the services I have offered for many years available to loyal patients via an affordable and convenient payment plan. We offer both non-invasive procedures and surgery as benefits of joining the Club ”

-John D. McCann, MD

Frequently asked questions about Club Youthful Me

Is Club Youthful Me a medical spa?

No. It as a club for patients who want to achieve and then maintain youthful appearances. It allows patients to achieve this goal within the comfort and confidence of an aesthetically oriented medical practice. Moderately invasive procedures such as cosmetic injections are given by a board certified surgeon and cosmetic surgery is offered as a Club benefit.

Who performs Botox and Filler injections at Club Youthful Me?

Dr. John McCann is the only one who performs injections for Club members.

Who performs cosmetic surgery on patients who join Club Youthful Me?

Dr. John McCann performs the surgical procedures.

What services are available to Club members?

Cosmetic Surgery, Botox, Filler, Facials, IPL Treatments, Microdermabrasion, Lymphatic Massage, Waxing, Lash Extensions, Skin Care products, … and much more.

Are aestheticians supervised when delivering services?

Dr. McCann is involved in developing treatment plans and then supervising treatments performed by aestheticians. Aestheticians perform non-invasive treatments with all moderately invasive procedures such as cosmetic injections and surgery being performed by Dr. McCann.

Who are the aestheticians who provide services to club members?

Please see the Skin Care web section.

Is there a fee for setting up Club membership?


Does the Club have different levels?

Yes. Gold, Silver, Bronze and Custom. Refer to the table above. Each level requires a different monthly payment and receives a different rate of discount. Refer to the chart above.

How do Club members make payments into the Club plan?

Once monthly charges will be made against a major credit card.

Do patients sign a contract to join the Club?

Yes. A one-year contract that will be automatically extended for as long as you would like. We have a very high retention rate.

Do Men join the Club?

Yes. We have almost as many men as woman.

Are Club members eligible for other discounts?

Yes. For instance most Club members who get Botox or Filler injections are also members of Brilliant Distinctions, which offers rebates to patients who purchase Botox and Fillers sold by Allergan.

Do Club members get discounts on cosmetic surgical services?

Yes. Gold level members receive the same percentage discount as they get on other services offered via the Club. See the table above.

If a member only has $500 accrued in the Club plan but wants $600 of services how does this work?

They simply pay the $100 difference at the time services are delivered, and all of the services are delivered at the normal discount for the Club level.

How can patients use the Club to save up for a cosmetic surgical procedure?

Set up a custom plan to put away a calculated amount each month till enough has accrued for the services.

What if I want to have a cosmetic surgery but have not accrued enough money in my plan for this?

You can pay the difference between the money accrued in the Club plan and the cost of the surgery prior to the date of surgery. The cost of the entire cosmetic procedure will be delivered at the normal discount for the Club level.

If I join the highest level of the Club first and later discover I am not using all of my accrued Club payments can I switch to a lower level of the Club?

Members may switch between levels of the Club anytime they desire but you receive the greatest discount by staying in the highest level of the Club that is consistent with the amount of services you purchase each year.


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