Chemical Peels and IPL

Do you have fine wrinkles around your eyes and around your mouth? Have you noted that your skin is less uniform in color with the development of blotchy clumps of brown pigmentation? If the answer to any of these is yes then Dr. John McCann at the Center For Facial Appearances can help.

With the passage of time the skin develops fine wrinkles around the eyes and mouth and irregular brown or red splotches of pigment. We often employ TCA chemical peels at the time of facial cosmetic surgical procedures to remove brown spots and reduce fine wrinkles. The chemical peel heals over the same time course as the cosmetic surgery. IPL is an effective treatment to remove red or brown pigmentation from the skin. This is a progressive no recovery treatment that many patients stop in for over the lunch hour. We can also use Ultherapy high intensity ultrasound to reduce fine wrinkles of the face via a no recovery afternoon treatment.

Other non-invasive treatments used to improve skin texture and color that are offered by the aestheticians at The Center for Facial Appearances include microdermabrasion, glycolic peels, and a variety of SkinMedica and VI peels.

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