Center for Orbit & Graves Disease

Do you have problems with bulging eyes caused by thyroid eye disease? Have you been diagnosed with a tumor of the eye or eye socket? Is one of your eyes blind and painful or have you had an eye removed and in need of care? If the answer to any of these questions is yes then Dr. John McCann can help and your insurance company will likely cover you.

The primary problems cared for by The Center for Orbital Disease at the Center for Facial Appearances are thyroid eye disease , anophthalmic socket,orbital tumors,and orbital fractures. You can learn more about each of these areas of expertise by clicking on the link beneath The Center for Orbital Disease.

Each of these conditions are rare. We have found that many patients are frustrated with the lack of expertise in Orbital Disease; therefore, we formed The Center for Orbital Disease in order to offer better, integrated services to the group of patients with these rare disorders.

Dr. John McCann is a local, regional, and national expert in caring for this group of patients. Experience counts in these rare disorders and Dr. McCann has great experience in this area having performed more than a thousand surgeries in the eye socket. When necessary, he will coordinate your care with endocrinologist, rheumatologist, oncologist, radiation oncologist, and sometimes brain or sinus surgeons.

The Center for Orbital Disease strives to offer the highest level of care to patients with these rare disorders of the eye socket. Dr. John McCann can help restore you vision and your appearances to what it was prior to developing these problems.



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