Medical and Surgical Treatment For Thyroid Eye Disease

Graves Disease or Thyroid Eye Disease (TED) often impacts one’s appearance and also impacts your vision. Bulging eyes caused by enlargement of the eye muscles, and increased volume of fat behind the eye are some of the most common issues associated with this condition. 

In some cases, an FDA approved medicine called Tepezza (Teprotumamab) can be used to improve or in some cases even reverse these issues and our practice can facilitate getting access to this treatment.

Protrusion of the eyes widely open eyes (eyelid retraction), and trouble closing the eyes, are some of the symptoms that can be addressed with surgery by Dr. McCann. 

Partnering with your endocrinologist and an orbital surgery specialist is optimal for management of Thyroid Eye Disease. For over 20 years Dr. McCann has worked together with specialists in our region and around the world to advance the treatment of Graves Disease and Thyroid Eye Disease.  If you have questions about treatment options for this condition, please contact our office at (801)997-9999 or visit the Center for Orbit and Graves Disease.