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John McCann, MD, PhD Specialty: Eyelid and Facial Plastic Surgery Where did you grow up?  Waterloo, Iowa As a child what did you want to be when you grew up?  I liked using knowledge to solve problems and thought mostly of becoming a doctor or a scientist Where did you go to medical school? University… Read More »

Fat Transfer By: John McCann, MD, PhD

DESCENT OF THE FACE When the face ages there are two changes that occur simultaneously. The best known is descent of the face; all of the facial structures tend to descend with aging. For patients over 45 years old descent of the face is commonly treated either with surgery to lift the lower face, mid-face,… Read More »

Chronic Migraines? Do you qualify for Insurance Coverage for Botox? Don’t Suffer. Take the Quiz to find out.

Chronic Migraines? Use the link below and take the survey to see if you may qualify to have insurance coverage for Botox as a treatment for your Chronic Migraines. The purpose of this Chronic Migraine quiz is to evaluate whether insurance coverage for Botox through your insurance could be a treatment option for your chronic… Read More »

Dr. McCann discusses Ultherapy, the only non-invasive procedure to tighten the neck, chin, and brow and is offering a 20% discount

Ultherapy, the Non-Invasive Lift for the Neck, Chin, Brow and Chest Read below about the no recovery face lifting procedure called Ultherapy. Call 801-997-9999 to schedule a consult to discuss this new procedure. Mention this email when you book your Ultherapy appointment by July 15th and get a 20% discount. Ultherapy™: Using sound to improve… Read More »


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