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Chronic Migraines? Do you qualify for Insurance Coverage for Botox? Don’t Suffer. Take the Quiz to find out.

Chronic Migraines? Use the link below and take the survey to see if you may qualify to have insurance coverage for Botox as a treatment for your Chronic Migraines. The purpose of this Chronic Migraine quiz is to evaluate whether insurance coverage for Botox through your insurance could be a treatment option for your chronic… Read More »

What’s Happening!

Dr. McCann was also honored to be an invited speaker at the Asian-Pacific Ophthalmic and Plastic Reconstructive Surgery Annual Meeting in Tokyo, Japan, earlier this year and to be a speaker and assist with organizing at the ASOPRS spring meeting held in Park City Utah. Pictured above: Half a dozen tired eyelid specialists after climbing… Read More »

What’s Happening!

Dr. McCann had the opportunity to be keynote speaker at the European Society of Ophthalmic and Plastic Reconstructive Surgery (ESOPRS) Annual Meeting in Barcelona, Spain. Dr. McCann is never prouder than when basking in the considerable success of his former fellows from the US and around the world. In this picture taken in Barcelona with… Read More »

The Evolution of Lower Eyelid Rejuvenation

BEFORE AND AFTER: a surgical procedure to transpose the patient’s eyelid fat pads beneath the dark circle/depression of the lower eyelid. When I first started performing eyelid surgery some 20 years ago, I realized that it was quite rare that a patient has an excess of skin in the lower eyelids. This is why attempts… Read More »


by John McCann, MD (Article from Center for Facial Appearances Inc 2014 Fall Newsletter) Each year the fellow and I take on a research project, which is centered on improving some aspect of Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery. Typically, this involves devising a new surgical procedure but in 2014 we chose to focus on recovery from surgery.… Read More »


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