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Compressive Eyelid Surgery Goggles Go Commercial

 One of the innovations unique to the Center For Facial Appearances are the compressive goggles used after eyelid surgery. Dr. McCann invented the goggles to address patients top concerns with recovery from eyelid surgery which is bruising and swelling. Several years ago a study of Dr. McCann’s patients compared the post operative experience of patients who… Read More »

The Future of Thyroid Eye Disease

                Thyroid Eye disease (TED) is a disorder often associated with Graves’ disease.  This autoimmune disease may attack the thyroid gland causing thyroid hormone levels to be too high or too low. The same disease may also attack the eye socket causing the eye muscles and the orbital… Read More »

Dr. McCann Interviewed on Forehead Fracking

Forehead or eyebrow lifting surgery is a very powerful procedure to improve facial appearances. Many patients come to The Center For Facial Appearances requesting eyelid surgery whom also require a brow lift to achieve the best possible result. Dr. McCann states that, “After all, the upper eyelids are attached to the eyebrows and the relationship… Read More »


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