Graves Disease & Eye Socket Surgery

Have you been involved in an accident which has caused a laceration of your eyelids, damaged your tear drainage system, or caused an eye socket fracture?

Dr. John McCann is an Ophthalmic plastic surgeon and Ophthalmic plastic surgeons are uniquely trained to address alterations of the normal anatomy of the face, orbit, and eyelid caused by trauma and other accidents.

Each accident is unique and each requires a customized approach to rehabilitation. Dr. McCann is a regional expert on repair of all eyelid abnormalities and all abnormalities of the eye socket caused by trauma.

In some cases, such as jaw fracture or brain injuries, Dr. McCann will assemble a multidisciplinary team to work together in a single surgery to address the patient’s issues.

The Center for Facial Appearances has great experience treating both the acute effects of trauma and late term effects of trauma that might include scars, deformed eyelids, sunken eye sockets, double vision, or tearing.

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