Sandy Office Remodel

Dr. McCann has had an office in Sandy Utah for 9 years. Initially this was a shared satellite office, used by Dr. McCann only half a day per week. However, the Sandy office became Dr. McCann’s primary place of business over two years ago. A remodel of the facility began around the same time and was completed in 2014.

The Center for Facial Appearances is in the business of both helping people see better and helping them look better. Patients whom are interested in looking better often say they want a natural improvement in appearances. Dr. McCann wanted the office space to echo the patient’s interest in natural beauty.

Many plastic surgery offices are decorated with man-made beauty such as Greek statues, paintings of beautiful people, and ornate furniture. Dr. McCann felt his patients may feel this to be a bit too ostentatious. In addition, Dr. McCann has always felt that the greatest artistic achievements of man are small when compared to the beauty of nature, and that natural beauty promotes a soothing, healing environment.

So in addition to the functional aspects of the remodel, which included a special room for taking before and after photographs, three exam rooms, two aesthetician treatment rooms, a conference room, and the addition of a surgical suite, Dr. McCann chose to remodel the office with natural beauty as the theme.

A wall mounted water feature over the patient refreshment area creates the sounds of nature. A 400-gallon salt-water aquarium brings relaxation and beauty to the patient waiting area. The floors and furniture are made of wood imported from Africa and Brazil. The walls are decorated with mountain west nature photographs acquired from some very talented locals. The office is located on the fourth floor of the Jordan Commons Office Tower with expansive views of the Wasatch Front. This natural beauty is brought into the office by the views east to the top of the lifts at Snowbird to the entry into Parleys Canyon.

I asked Dr. McCann if he achieved what he hoped with the remodel and he said, “I never thought I would have such a beautiful space in which to practice medicine and think the remodel was well worth the time and treasure put into it.”

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