Compressive Eyelid Surgery Goggles Go Commercial

 One of the innovations unique to the Center For Facial Appearances are the compressive goggles used after eyelid surgery. Dr. McCann invented the goggles to address patients top concerns with recovery from eyelid surgery which is bruising and swelling. Several years ago a study of Dr. McCann’s patients compared the post operative experience of patients who used the compressive goggles after surgery to those who used ice compresses and it was found that the patients who used the ice had 3-5 time more bruising and swelling than those who used the goggles. Currently, most patient in the practice use the goggles.

This year a patient satisfaction survey was performed to get feedback from 96 patients who had used the goggles. As shown in the graph below there was a high degree of satisfaction with the goggles. Dr. McCann’s patients also provided many valuable suggestions on how to make the goggles work even better which were utilized to continue to perfect this device.

Recent improvements to the goggles include a change in the foam that touches the skin. The new foam is thicker, more easily compressed, and is made of a special material that cools the skin. These changes make the goggles much more comfortable to wear and provide the benefit of cooling the operated area without the need to use ice.

Dr. McCann was also concerned that the goggles apply the perfect amount of compression for each patient so that they are both comfortable and effective. To accomplish this the goggles were altered so that the surgeon can measure the diameter of the patients head and then use this measurement to adjust the the goggles to the perfect tension for each patient. He was also concerned that not too much pressure be put directly over the eyeball so the goggles were improved to put more pressure on the boney areas surrounding the eyelids and less over the eyeball itself as shown in the figure titled, “Periocular Pressure Distribution System”.

Patients top concerns with the goggles is the inability to see when they are worn for the first several days after surgery. The goggles were further modified so that for most of the time they are worn patients can actually see through them! The goggles were also modified so they can be used in cases when only one side is operated on at a time. The goggles have been patented and commercial production has begun. Doctor McCann’s brother Bill McCann has begun to market the goggles to other doctors across the nation under the name LidLiftGoggle and the feedback from others who have begun using the product has been very positive. If interested you can read more about this at

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