Orbital Fractures

The bones in and around the eye socket are often fractured when there is trauma to the face. The most common causes of fracture are assault, motor vehicle accident, and recreation related accidents.

These fractures can impact both form and function. If the fracture is adjacent to one of the eye muscles, such as in a blow out fracture of the orbit, it may cause double vision. Fractures of the jaw or bones adjacent to the muscles that move the jaw can cause problems chewing.

Fractures of the facial bones can also cause deformities of the face, such as a sunken looking eye or a flat cheek bone. The Center for Facial Appearances has great expertise in correcting the fractures in the periocular region. We prefer to operate on these fractures as soon as possible after the injury. Sometimes this is not possible and the fractures require correction months after the injury. The Center for Facial Appearances is a regional and national referral center for both early and late fracture repair.

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