Thyroid Eye / Graves Disease

Do you have problems with one or both eyes bulging forward or eyelids that are too widely open because of problems with your thyroid gland? Have you developed double vision as a result of problems with your thyroid gland? If the answer to either question is yes Dr. John McCann from the Center for Orbital Disease at the Center For Facial Appearances can help.

Thyroid Eye Disease (Grave’s Disease, Grave’s Eye Disease) is the most common orbital problem referred to The Center for Orbital Disease at The Center for Facial Appearances. Dr. McCann is a regional expert in caring for patients with Thyroid Eye Disease and has patients that travel from all over the country and the world.

Thyroid Eye Disease (Grave’s Disease, Grave’s Eye Disease) is an autoimmune problem, most commonly noted in patient with a history of either high or low thyroid hormones. The disease initially causes the eyes to become red, swollen, and watery. This initial part of the disease is referred to as the active and inflammatory phase of the disease. During this early phase of the disease patients may benefit from treatments that reduce inflammation such as anti-inflammatory medications or injections and in some cases referral for orbital radiation. In the later part of the disease the eyes may bulge out of the socket, the eyelids may be open too wide, or the patient may have double vision.

Dr. McCann has pioneered many of the surgeries used today to correct the bulging eyes and eyelid abnormalities seen in Thyroid Eye Disease. We are sensitive to the fact that our patients seek treatment to achieve both the vision and the appearances they had prior to developing Thyroid Eye Disease.


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